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    Thanks polluks, I will look into (only tested on AROS until now, seems there are some differences again... sigh)


    I'm not sure, if I understand your question. Remember I'm the Amiga API noob ;-) already very happy to managed catalog files with freepascal ;-)
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    Indeed, plus and minus aren't special keys IMHO.

    English is built-in, so you don't need an external catalog at all. However, German works fine :-)
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    MUIMapparium 0.5


    • Bugfix: imperial units
    • Bugfix: key mapping
    • Bugfix: 2nd track curve drawing
    • Bugfix: Date/Time loading from GPX,KML,KMZ files
    • Level of Detail for Tracks
    • Precalculation of Trackpositions (Speed optimization for NonFPU systems)
    • Route drawing
    • Marker in Plot, shows also a marker in the Track
    • Turn off Marker, Track and Route drawing via Menu
    • Define Directory for Images via ToolTypes: e.g. DATAPATH=DH1:TmpDir
    • Change find IP to (old one is too slow currently)
    • FPU Version for 68k

    More informations and downloads: My Blog

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