Which icons do you use?
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    Hi everyone,

    Have finally gotten a replacement for my non-working Mac Mini (and PowerBook). Bought it through AmiBay. It came with an mSATA SSD and is incredibly fast compared to my previous one. When booting, the introscreen disappears before I manage to read the text. ;-)

    I'm currently customizing Ambient on my new setup. I was therefore wondering what kind of icon set you are using? IceFolders, GlowIcons, AmigaOS 4 ones? Any specific collections you recommend?
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    Papiosaur wrote: Hi, you have some choices HERE.
    That link seems to lead to the land of nowhere, but I realise you intended it to take someone clicking on the link to HERE - MorphOS-Storage=Ambient>ICONS

    Papiosaur wrote: Maybe there are other packs on Aminet.
    There seems to be only ONE specific option on Aminet - MorphOS (PPC) = PowerIcons by Elena (of Zone Explorer v1.2 fame also downloadable from Aminet

    Papiosaur wrote: Personally, I use icons from Patbest and k8o.
    ditto (i.e. I use PatBest icons too generally - which were the default icons on an earlier Chrysalis CD, possibly v3.3.1), though sometimes I use other hybrid ones for specific purposes, or ones I modify to indicate that they are not just generic but specific for a particular program, like Wayfarer's folder icon.
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