AOS 3.2 distribution illegal? / Hermans BV insolvent
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    Two large bombshells, reverberating like tiny squeaks in the huge empty void that is the Amiga market. The four or five people in the target market may eventually become upset over the coming decade.

    Apparently it's illegal to charge money for AmigaOS 3.2 (according to the ostensible brand name owner anyway)

    The response within the dead forums that make up most of the remaining retro community to how to legally get hold of 3.2 has been mainly "Ask Hyperion". Which would apparently be sage advice but nobody seems to know any Hyperion employees, managing partners or even directors, given that apparently now a court-appointed liquidator is Hyperion director. (Though not a liquidator of Hyperion, sadly.)

    (AmigaWorld thread of the blissfully oblivious and the obligatory topic derailment is here.)

    Ooh the drama. Stay tuned for more fun over the next 30 years when we expect the litigation to conclude and AIMGA to rule the world again.
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