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Location:#AmigaZeux, Guerilla Marketing Division
Occupation:Research Scientist
Interest:Spreading the evil of Genesi into the innocent minds of true amiga followers
Member Since: 2003/3/4
Rank:Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
Last Login:2022/11/25 20:15


# PegasosII firmware update, and ram limit
(2022/11/30 14:51:37)
# Want to run CD-RW or USB pendrive to re-install Morphos 3.17
(2022/11/28 19:38:05)
# Building a MMULess m68k distro
(2022/11/21 19:17:40)
# Building a MMULess m68k distro
(2022/11/19 21:40:03)
# Play music with Reggae - questions
(2022/11/6 21:48:01)
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