X5000 : Sound Issues
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    Hello everyone,

    I have an issue with my X5000. sound works very well with Odyssey i can listen youtube music no issue.
    But i have no sound in all the games i have tested.
    The sound works well on my powerbook with the same game so grrr ...

    Do you have an idea ?

    I have a sound blaster Creative live. i use emu10kx.audio 6.8 (7/04/2013) (AHI release 6.8)

    The sound parameters seems to be the same between my powerbook and my X5000 so i really dosent understand why i have this problem

    Another information I have bought Tower57 and i have this message after the launch : AL lib: ahi.c:178: Could not open ahi.device
    And when i am listening a song the same time i launch tower57 the sound does'nt work during a little time and works again.

    Odyssey seems to not use the same way for sound than the other software ...

    Thanks in advance

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  • Paladin of the Pegasos
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    I hope you get this sorted out soon. Have you done an official bug report?
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    If certain things work and others don't, two possibilities spring to mind:

    1) They are using different AHI device numbers and one of these isn't properly set up to use your soundcard

    2) They are sending sound binary stream in the wrong bitrate or byte format to your sound device and it's just being ignored.
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  • Yokemate of Keyboards
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    I agree with KennyR, seems like some kind of configuration error.
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  • Order of the Butterfly
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    Would also probably be useful to verify if you get the boot jingle to ascertain if default setting work.
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    Please check your AHI units in the prefs...
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    Yeah sounds like AHI configuration difference after all. Usually programs use either "Music Unit" or "Unit 0", check the settings of these both. Music Unit can be forwarded to Unit 0 to get simultaneous audio playback from multiple programs, if you don't do that and a program uses the Music Unit, it overrides everything else. And also check how many channels you have configured for the Unit 0, it affects how many simultaneous audio streams can be heard.

    One thing that also came in my mind when you mentioned Tower 57, some of the games from the same developer were affected by a bug in MorphOS, and there's a hotfix for that... probably not the issue in this case, but...
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    :) It works

    Thanks for the idea of testing the sound at startup.

    I have boot from the CD and it works so after i have copied all the file of the CD on the boot partition to test if it was a installation script issue. And after the reboot the sound has worked we some errors messages but it works.

    so after i have installed again the 3.13 from scratch because i have only update the system from the 3.11. and at this time i have the pcie sound card which dosen't work.

    I reboot i test youtube ok and i launch a game, no sound ...
    but i had an idea i have closed OWB and it works. I cannot have OWB open with sound and other program. even if i close the page with sound without closing OWB i have issue it works but the sound is noisy.

    So the conclusion is when you change the sound card it is better installing again the system.
    And close OWB before launching any other sound application.

    thanks for the information about the hotfix i will try.

    How do you redirect the music unic in unit 0 ?

    I am very happy now :)
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    great idea, all is working fine now :)
    i have not seen that i have an UNIT0:... in the list.
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