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    Elite Dangerous announcement this week that it can no longer support Macs (two years after announcing that updates would be badly delayed for it) is just one in a long list of recent examples where software developers who have grown impatient with MacOS and its apparently abandoned API infrastructure. Apparently its OpenGL is now too old. Apple have been planning the switch for a long time it seems, and no longer put much effort into x64 MacOS.

    The future of MacOS itself may be at stake - there's all sorts of rumours flying around that the overheads of porting MacOS to ARM are not realistic and that Apple want to fold everything into iOS and make their iPads and laptops the same thing.

    That would be where people find out the hard way that, contrary to Apple advertising, a tablet is a smoke-and-mirrors imitation of a real computer. I'm glad I don't own any shares in Apple...
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