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    > Ben Collins says in a comment on the P-Cubed:
    > "We are definitely aiming this to be a low-end version of our CTS product line."
    > [...]
    > My feeling is that at the announced low price it should be some e500v2-cored chip
    > (QorIQ P1 or P2, probably P1022 with DIU due to HDMI traces coming from the chip).

    Interesting comment on the P-Cubed from a MorphOS Team member made 1.5 weeks ago:

    "This board looks very interesting. I'm a member of MorphOS operating system community. [...] P-Cubed board may be our next step with its computing power and price. [...] I look forward to further P-Cubed announcements."

    Does that mean MorphOS may come to the e500v2 surprisingly and against all odds? Or maybe P-Cubed isn't built around e500v2 (I'd be surprised here too) and the MorphOS Team member is aware of that?
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