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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    Considering that the FC-31/J-31 does fly, it may be concluded they didn't use stolen Aureate/Articia technology ;-)
    On the other hand, the identified chipset bugs may be non-issues for an aircraft cockpit display control system with supposedly only limited PCI bus load.

    The Chinese stole a bunch of US technology during the 90s and early 00s. The Articia was just one of the IBM designs they attempted to (mostly successfully) clone.


    Nobody ever attempted to sell a Teron board as a "Hackintosh" board. The idea doesn't make any sense given that no version of Mac OS can be run on such board.

    It's a CHRP PPC board. There's literally nothing else these were ever useful for.

    If you wanted a PPC system for typical PPC use, Motorola already had a ton of SoCs they were literally paying people to take and develop around.


    So you think Jason Hou's story is true, even when Michael Coe's research says it isn't and it was Hou himself who in 2003 presented his products to Chinese government and military officials and in 2004 sold his technology to Chinese company ARC-9?

    There's absolutely no doubt it's true. The Chinese state has been stealing IP since the late 80s, that's not even contested any more. The US were perhaps always aware of it but a wary truce seemed to have existed up until 2008 and Obama's tenure.


    IBM listed Mai Logic and its products as "Ready for IBM Technology" at least as long as the Wayback Machine crawled that webpage, which was until mid-2008.

    See above.


    > and the company mysteriously disappears.

    [According to Hou/Fukada, "the sophisticated business attacks […] orchestrated by Mr. Chiao [of Winbond and SMIC] led to Atum's bankruptcy in 2004 and Mai Logic's in 2005." :-)

    Like I said, mysteriously disappears.
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