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    Additional coverage Courtesy AmigaNews: http://amiga-news.de/de/news/AN-2022-07-00068-DE.html
    Comment #6 from the story above includes an active archive link on topic

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    Try this.

    It's a pity so few are interested in this any more. So basically the story on "our" side goes something like this:

    The Chinese steal the plans of PPC chips for fighters, including IBM/Apple's northbridge for new Macs, but make an arse of it because the chip has broken DMA. They attempt to sell it as a "Hackintosh" board, a common (but misguided) tactic of the late 90s. But the board is shit and the chip is broken, so nobody buys it.

    Martin Schueler promises everything to Eyetech, but falls through because he was clueless, leaving Eyetech in the lurch.

    Eyetech do some intense industrial searching and find Mai, and buy their Teron, and label it the AmigaONE, not only cheating its gullible customers into thinking it's a new Amiga design, but actually unwittingly taking part in a Chinese government attempt to steal US military technology.

    IBM find out and ditch Mai from their partners list, and the company mysteriously disappears.

    Eyetech run away.

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