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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    Regarding ExecSG specifically (in contrast to other OS4 components), the stance from Hyperion and the Friedens was always, no matter who asked, that it's a from-scratch reimplementation. Else it couldn't have been solely the property of the Friedens.

    "Exec SG [...] is a reimplementation of the original Exec, written in C and placed onto a hardware abstraction layer so that it ports easily from one hardware to the other [...]. [...] ExecSG will be a complete re-implementation. [...] SG will get a lot of new features, new library concept, Hardware abstraction layer etc."

    While I have no doubt that ExecSG is indeed a clean implementation, keep in mind that this press release was in November 2001, and much of it was just speculation. What the OS4 developers planned and what they eventually did were very different things indeed.
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