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    zukow wrote:
    I'm still wondering if HyperBros did ExecNG as a clean implementation of Exec (as MorphOS and Aros did), or they had access to OS sources and ExecNG wouldn't be created without it.

    The answer, from Hyperion at least, has always depended on who asks.

    If the asker is an Amiga guy who wants a spiritual connection to the OS, then the answer will be that they used 3.x OS sources. If it's a lawyer asking, then of course it had nothing to do with 3.x source and was totally from scratch...

    To be fair, the Friedens said the idea of using old sources in OS4 was nonsense last time I read them say anything about it (which is long gone, I'm afraid, so no links). More tellingly, when Gelb was coding software for AmigaZeux and trying to get it running on OS4, there were functions that were compatible with the autodocs but did not apply older AmigaOS bugs, hence they didn't work as expected in OS4. Early versions of MorphOS had the same issue. I strongly suspect ExecSG was a clean implementation based off autodocs and not sources.
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