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    What is being fired when you don't get paid anyway? Losing access to the company mail account?

    "Hey Thor, do you want to come code ExecSG for us? We can't pay you anything, we'll treat you like shit, force you to sign NDAs that will end up in you humiliated in public, we'll own all your work (past, present and future), you'll be doing all the support without our help, and we'll fire you if you talk to anyone we don't like. You'll also be paying to go to any Amiga meetings from your own pocket, and you will NOT be allowed access to the company car. But you'll be able to tell everyone what you did for the Amiga - but all announcements and public posts MUST be checked and allowed by us first. Breaking the NDA in any way (even if we change it later) will result in ruinous legal action."

    Sounds like a great offer. Can't imagine why he would hesitate.

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