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    So my take on this sorry affair hasn't changed since a year and a half ago. What I'm guessing happened, beginning quite some time ago:

    1) 2006: Most OS4 developers leave after the court settlement and Hyperion's debts mount and its dirty laundry is first aired
    2) Much later: A-Eon want uboot and OS4 ported to X1000
    3) Hyperion either don't want to or can't do this (i.e. have lost the developers who worked on relevant parts or even own them)
    4) A-Eon bodge OS4 onto X1000 without Hyperion's help, hence terrible loading times
    5) X1000 flops harder than a sealion falling off the Empire State Building, mainly due to costing more than a small 2nd hand family car
    6) Cheaper X5000 comes along and A-Eon find themselves in same situation
    7) Network drivers require information from uboot (at least MAC address, apparently) so A-Eon can't continue
    8) Hyperion pretend they can continue but can't either, and their own driver halts and/or they hold it back so they can (barely) justify a paid update to OS4 as soon as they can start trading again
    9) A-Eon won't wait so contact Olsen1 and Olsen2 to do working drivers by using a different method to extract MAC address
    10) Four copies of the same driver, and everyone is having great fun.

    Am I close?
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