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    > A-EON sponsored his time to develop the driver for both OS4 and MorphOS.
    > [...] he has provided us with the full source code for future development.
    > If our team update the source in due course, we are happy to share the
    > changes back to Mark

    Nice :-)

    > Frank and Mark had a special preview of Tabor and Cyrus prototype
    > boards way back in 2013.

    Yes, bigfoot told the story about P5020DS and Cyrus 3 years ago here on MorphZone. But wait, they also got Tabor prototypes (for evaluation purposes, I guess)? That's interesting, as nothing will come off of it as it seems (due to the MorphOS Team's expressed aversion against SPE/e500v2).

    > Mark has stepped in a few times to help us with firmware upgrades
    > building on the work done by Varisys contractors.

    I remember some of his comments on the X5000/Cyrus U-Boot from 2 years back. Until now, I wasn't aware of the scope of your cooperation in this.
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