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    amigadave wrote:
    Since lack of software for the new x64 version of MorphOS is a big concern for all users, and the Dev. Team as well, is it reasonable to ask the Dev. Team if it would be possible to create one or more of the following things, which would help solve the lack of native software problem?

    1. if possible, create a "Trance" like translation layer, which allows MorphOS for x64 to run all, or most Linux x64 software, without any alteration.

    But running Linux software on another Linux system isn't even a guarantee. Kernel versions, distros, and CPU can all make binaries fail to run with the dreaded segfault, and remains a thorn in the side of Linux gaming even today.

    The guaranteed way around this is to compile software for your own machine. (Or to download from a repo binaries that have already been compiled for your CPU and kernel.)

    MorphOS and AmigaOS already have things like Ixemul and ixnet to recompile Linux software this way, which are...


    2. if #1 is not feasible, or desirable, create development tools that make porting x64 Linux software to the new MorphOS for x64 easy and quick.

    ...limited by available infrastructure, such as libraries; Amiga-like operating systems also lack in several basic but very important functions, SIGSTOP and fork() being infamous examples.
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