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    Zylesea schrieb:
    Hey, that's a very pessimistic view. MorphOS x64 will not only come with a new ISA, but also with some modernizations: SMP, more than 31 bit address space. Which are hard limitations with current the MorphOS. So, an x64 MorphOS will come with more power and support for modern hardware (many ppl rate ppc Mac as "garbage", this stigma would be void with x64). The most critical application of today 8Browser9 will benefit massively from x64 (f.ex. JS JIT)
    Last not least MorphOS x64 does not require a dedicated box.

    Cards will be played out again with x64: there is chance of a bettering, but of course we also see the "big success" of AROS...

    Well, little endian support was rather easy, but much effort was made by AROS to have all applications 64-bit clean. Good luck, Team MorphOS!
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