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    Spectre660 wrote:
    My MP4's codec = VIDEO: [MP4V] 1920x1074 24bpp 23.976 fps 1991.8 kbps (243.1 kbyte/s)
    Can play these .This CODEC is Handbrakes default conversion settings .

    Original mkv = VIDEO: [H264] 1920x1074 0bpp 23.976 fps 0.0 kbps ( 0.0 kbyte/s)
    Cant decode fast enough. So blocky video and periodic stuttering audio .

    Hmm, I'm not sure the codec is really what is making the difference here. A video bitrate of 2000 kbps is quite low for a 1080p. I have quite a few that are 8000 kpbs - size anything from 4 to 8 GB. 2000 kbps tends to be more common for 720p (although YouTube 1080p tends to be around 2000 kpbs, to be fair).

    Anyway, it looks like you're able to play the converted file because you're literally processing a quarter of the data than the original file. Have you looked at keeping the bitrate and reducing the resolution to 720p? It might look just as good yet put less strain on your graphics bus.
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