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    >>> in private a couple have admitted to actually receiving them

    >> Interesting :-)

    > yes [...], two developers [...] either have them or at least were offered the boards.

    Backpedaling? :-)

    > If Tabor hasn't [...] a large number of boards manufactured

    It hasn't.

    > then now would be a good time to look at adapting
    > Acube's T2080 laptop board design

    There is no T2080 laptop board design yet, just schematics, as the start of the board design phase requires the final chassis to be decided for first, which hasn't happened yet.


    > 50% faster clock, twice the cores, four times the concurrent threads,
    > better Soc I/O, and a 64bit CPU (not 32 bit).

    ...as well as a standard FPU and AltiVec SIMD :-)
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