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    > Even board developers from the "inside" (UltimatePPC)
    > made the same mistake before. [...] A-Eon should have
    > known better, or at least the OS4 people advising them.

    Interesting insight into Hyperion's and OS4 developers' role in Tabor's CPU choice given by Hyperion director Costel "Cyborg" Mincea (Google translation):

    "When the first request came, it was just a glimpse of it and a "should fit" given [...]. Only at the time were actually almost finished the prototypes and the "should fit" probably the subjunctive was overlooked. When, a little later, a closer look [...] revealed that the FPU was not IEEE compliant, it was already too late and A-EON had progressed so far that they did not want to row back ... I've tried all the way to the end, to move A-EON to a change, even if that would have increased the cost [...]. [...] But all my warnings, requests and incantations were ignored, so I just shrug my shoulders"

    "A-EON has constructed a reliable statement from a vague preliminary information on our part and then put a lot of money into Tabor on its own initiative, before we were even close to consciously and specifically deal with Tabor. [...] So, if you want to blame somebody, then please someone who did not listen properly and equated his wishful thinking with reality because he could not wait. Again, since the FPU issue was known, I (and not only myself) have tried unsuccessfully to get A-EON to switch. Yes, that would have cost A-EON some money, but it would have been worth it all the time. Instead, they have elsewhere burned money [...] in addition caused by the incompatible FPU additional effort"

    Inexplicably, all this happened *after* the 2012 UltimatePPC fiasco and also *after* Trevor Dickinson sought to contact the UltimatePPC developers in 2013.
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