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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Hyperion's reputation for unnecessary litigation [...] is unprecedented

    It was Amiga Inc. who sued Hyperion in April 2007. Hyperion merely countersued in June 2007, before in turn being sued by Itec in July 2007 and even by the Frieden twins somewhat later that year. And it is Cloanto who is now suing Hyperion."

    Amiga Inc withdrew the licence in 2006 and asked Hyperion not to publish OS4 for Classic in December. They did, in direct defiance. AInc then sued them.


    > They sued Titan Computer

    Any more examples of Hyperion's "unnecessary litigation"?

    Apart from all the ones you just gave above? Titan, Amiga, Itec, the Friedens, possibly Epic, possibly H&P. Sounds a lot to me. Being litigious isn't just about suing people, it's also about giving people little choice but sue you.


    > and seem to have fallen out with Haage&Partner for a similar reason.

    Any details on that?

    See Steffen Hausser, ANN.lu.


    > They spent enormous time trying to convince people that [...]
    > bPlan were putting logic bombs in their firmware

    Any details on that?

    See ANN.lu, the ShopIP saga. It was common knowledge at the time that Ben was posting on AWN's hidden forums and the OS4 mailing list (AmigaZeux had a few people on it), forging a false narrative that the fanboys could all parrot.


    > They walked into the original agreement with Amiga Inc believing that
    > that AInc would just go bankrupt and they'd walk with the Amiga name

    I'm not aware that the 2001 agreement would have given ownership of the "Amiga" name to Hyperion in case of Amiga Inc. bankruptcy, just (final) ownership of OS4.

    Not ownership - just the ability to use it wherever they liked. Much like A-Eon does now.
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