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    Papiosaur wrote:
    Why don't improve and integrate Dopus fonctionnality to Ambient ?

    Because it's a lot. When I migrated to MorphOS, DOpus was the thing I missed most. Ambient wasn't close, still isn't. File recognition, file handing (custom popup menus, custom icon dragging, etc etc) and the ARexx port are three things just off the top of my head that Ambient is never likely to ever match.

    But most importantly: that is all functionality most people on MorphOS don't need. I needed it back in '99, and it was always frustrating that in a community of hundreds of thousands of users, I could only find a handful who shared that need.

    That said, unfortunately DOpus 5.52 was made for a 3.1 system in 1999, and it shows. Its compatibility with OS3.5 was pretty bad on its own. The fact that it needed to replace workbench rather than supplement it says it all. Workbench just couldn't do much. Ambient, while still no DOpus, is a lot more powerful.

    (And as an aside, ironically DOpus is now at version 12.14 on Windows. I use it, and it has all the same power you used to get from the ARexx port. And now with a potential market of millions, most people still don't need it. Sigh.)
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