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    Andreas_Wolf escribió:
    > Radeon HD 4650 Shapphire PCIe [...] works fine?

    First of all it's strange to ask about a PCIe graphics card in a thread about AGP-based PowerMac G5. I take it you're asking about using this card in a PCIe-based PowerMac G5 (as opposed to X5000 or Sam460). If so, then this might interest you:


    So difficult for you is write a single answer, I ask using the Graphic card text, and the links to other thread aren't very clean giving a explain, also in the Power Mac G5 specificiations from Apple:
    You can find about the Three open full-length PCI-X slots, and I ask this question to know if I shall get a good performance using a highter GPU and 1GB of Ram, before to play changing the graphics cards, because these computer are old and like the old people with love and care to avoid its dead.
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