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    sailor wrote:

    inspired by zukow thread about powermac G5 here is some info about MorphOS 3.12 on unsupported iMac G5/2.1 (PowerMac12.1):

    + installation works out of the box from instalation CD
    + builtin graphics (Radeon X600 XT) supported
    + sound is supported
    + ide is supported
    + sata is supported
    + usb is supported
    + temperature sensors are supported
    + onboard lan is supported
    + onboard wifi is supported
    + firewire is supported (at least for HDD connection)

    - no bootlogo
    - fans runs all the time at 100%
    - graphics sometimes crashes (GraphicsSpeed, SDLBench, SDL game 1941), but except these three other tested works - for example Quake 3, Tower57, DOSBox(=SDL), OWB with youtube videos.
    - camera not supported ;-)

    Majority of OS works with no problem. Fluently and quickly.
    See SystemMonitor and GraphicBoards.
    Now I have my iMacG5 MorphOS registered and after addition of NIC I will register also PowermacG5 Quad.

    I made some tests and compares speed of machines:
    Pegasos is overclocked to 1.33GHz. AmigaOne X1000 runs AmigaOS 4.1FE, all others MorphOS 3.12
    Dhystone+Whetstone and games
    Exact numbers are in tables in this article (CZ).

    Today iMacG5 is suitable for web surfing and gaming and other joy - with small gfx limitations. For me the biggest problem is loud fans.

    Generally I am very satisfied with support of "unsupported" computers from MorphOS Devs. Many thanks again.
    MorphOS support for unsupported is better then some other OS support for supported.

    I have one question - how to debug via firewire?
    iMAC firevire port works OK with external HDD. After graphics crashes I want to debug iMAC, but with no success.
    I have SDK installed (3.14)
    firewire connected with Pegasos2 (SDK 3.12?)
    if I set iMAC/logtool prefs: ohci1394_mon SM, on Peg2 nothing visible
    if I try run ohci1394_mon SM from shell there is allways error.
    Pls, what is correct settings? Is it SN on one side and DPO on other - like here?
    There is also info:"Added Firewire debugging to bootargs on the Macs", but I don't find exact bootarg in docs.

    @sailor - you put information on your article that iMac has 4,5GB RAM ? is that true ?
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