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Posted By: jPV. on 2014/11/17 18:11:42
Finnish Amiga Users Group's Saku 2014 event was held in Tampere, Finland, on September 20th and the event was crowded by an estimated 200-300 visitors.
Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2014/10/29 10:53:23
Last weekend took place the third edition of the μAlchimie to Clérieux (France) organized by the TrippleA association. A gathering of AmigaNG users (AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS), Amiga Classic, retro consoles and computers.

The general assembly of the association WArMUp took place during this event. The new statutes of the association are available on this link.

Here are photos and videos of the gathering proposed by K-L:

A podcast (in french) produced by BatteMan during this μAlchimie III is available on AmigaImpact.
Posted By: walkero. on 2014/6/16 17:45:20
AmiCamp #2, the new event for all the Greek Amiga User, will take place in Athens - Greece on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of June. It will be open to the public and all the Amiga enthusiasts who keep using and having fun with their Amigas, especially the Next Generation ones. Visitors will have the chance to watch presentations about the major operating systems (AmigaOS 4, MorphOS). Computers such as AmigaOne X1000, AmigaOne 500, Pegasos II will be available among the best Classic Amiga models, which they will use and test. The gaming will also be part of the event, as well.

More information you can find at the official website If you want to participate at the event with your computer or a presentation, please fill up the form until 24th of June.
Posted By: jPV. on 2014/5/6 19:57:18
Finnish Amiga Users Group Announces Saku 2014 Event
Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2014/2/15 11:01:51
Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that the WArMUp Association (World Association of Users of MorphOS) was officially created. The statutes are available HERE. If you wish to join the association for the year 2014, simply return the membership form. More information about the association found HERE.
Posted By: on 2014/1/21 3:04:20
The Recursion 2014 Computer Fair takes place at King Edward Vi School, Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday 15 February. Free admission to all. Doors open at 11.00

The list of exhibitors has been updated: check out here and here for details.
Posted By: walkero. on 2013/12/4 18:43:22
AmiCamp 2013 AmiCamp, the new event for all the Greek Amiga and MorphOS Users, will take place in Athens - Greece on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 of December. It will be open to the public and all the Amiga / MorphOS enthusiasts who keep using and having fun with their computers, especially the Next Generation ones.
Posted By: on 2013/11/28 9:33:51
Hi folks, The Recursion 2014 Computer Science Fair will take place on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 February 2014 at King Edward Vi School, Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Friday will be dedicated to promoting Computer Science and related industries to students as degree and career options. Saturday will be a fun-packed day, open to the public. In addition to stands from industry leaders such as IBM and Blitz Games Studio, there will be a MASSIVE area dedicated to retro and class computing, with user-groups from all the key players and favourite old-timers, from Amiga through to Oric and on to ZX81.

So here's an open invite to all MorphOS, AROS and Amiga fans. Come and join us!
Posted By: jPV. on 2013/10/3 18:26:39
The biggest Amiga event in Finland in over 10 years was successful with over 200 visitors. You can find photos and videos from the event page.
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2013/9/2 9:01:21
Saku 2013 at the Finnish Science Centre Heureka on September 21

Please visit the Finnish Amiga Users Group's website for more info.