Hardware : : IBM PowerPC 750GX - IBM's 1.1-GHz PowerPC microprocessor
Posted By: DJBase. on 2003/7/1 19:06:32

Manufactured in IBM's advanced 0.13-micron copper process with Silicon-on-Insulator technology, the 750GX will be offered at frequencies up to 1.1 GHz. The 750GX expands the capabilities of the IBM PowerPC 7xx processor family to support more performance-demanding and power-sensitive applications. The new processor is ideally suited for a variety of systems, including networking, communications, storage, imaging, computing and consumer applications.

The 750GX is architecturally based on the PowerPC 750FX processor, and implements several enhancements that address the performance requirements of embedded applications (see Figure 1). The 750GX includes 1 MB of internal L2 cache, 4-way set-associative, running at core frequency with cache locking by way, additional L1 and L2 cache buffers allowing pipelining of up to four data cache miss operations, and the capability for up to 200-MHz operation of the 60x system bus interface with additional bus pipelining.

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