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Posted By: Sonic. on 2005/3/17 20:21:27
A new project aimed at updating and improving MorphOS operating system is opened at

Goals of the project:

1. Implement parts of the system (libraries, drivers, etc) which were present in AmigaOS v3 but disappeared in MorphOS due to lack of support.

2. Introduce new core components to MorphOS.
Currently the project consists of updated "Assign" command which is the only currently available component. Other proposed tasks are:

- trackdisk.device - driver for Pegasos built-in floppy controller.

- ieee1284parallel.device - advanced parallel port driver which would implement functionality of libieee1284

( as much as possible.

- powermanagement.library - a new core library which would implement power management capabilities for MorphOS (and in future - other Amiga-alike platforms) like software shutdown, sleep mode, UPS control, etc.

If someone wish to join please mail me at:
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    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    Very interesting effort! I hope that developers helps you in this interesting project ;-)
  • »2005/3/18 1:59
  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    This is admirable as an attempt to make some progress somehow, when we don't seem to be moving on the desktop officially. I don't recall if it was Zeta or one of the other flavors, but there were also third party efforts to update BeOS based on the last official distribution.

    I hope MOS 1.4x wasn't the last official MOS distribution though!
  • »2005/3/18 11:49
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    Sounds good. I would think that the AROS team coders could be of great help here, and also benefit from feedback from this project.
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