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Posted By: Tomo. on 2005/3/13 0:58:27
I got this email from the Yam newsletter:

Hello guys,

Yes, it is true! After having announced the arrival of Allan Odgaards
harddisk and requesting harddisk controller and firmware revisions from you,
I finally managed to salvage ALL data from Allan's drive,

which was believed to be dead for almost 5 years now. I actually received 7 harddisks
until today and suprisingly the first one I used had the correct controller
revision and firmware that allowed to make Allan's harddisk work again!

What does that mean? That means, that source code of software titles like
"TextEditor.mcc", "BetterString.mcc", "HTMLview.mcc", "IProbe" and so on are
all available again now!!

But please, before you are going to ask any further questions on when/how
the sources are available now, please do have a look at the updated web page

where I posted the full story including a section where I do mention how the
sources will be licensed/released in future.

So guys, this is really a happy day for me and I do hope it is also a happy
day for you!

And please keep in mind. Only the Amig community made it possible, as I
received an overwhelming amount of emails and support on that issue and that
only those several people sending me their harddisks made it all possible!

So thanks for your attention and please do cheer up with me together, as
this is really a happy day for us still existing Amiga addicts. :-)

And of course, feel free to post that to any other
forums/mailinglist/newssite to let others cheers up with us as well...


Cheers and hoorah, Tom
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    This is a great story! Thank you for all your work to recover those sources and thank you to all those people who helped you.

    A big cheer to Allan Odgaard for agreeing to open-source all this code. We need to see more stuff open-sourced. A lot of classic Amiga 68K stuff that has been long since dropped by the original owners has potential utility in MOS and AROS and OS4.

    It will be great to see what is done with these MUI classes. Perhas we could even get a comment from Stefan Stuntz as to the significance of all this.
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    I'm impressed. Its good to see some clever ideas on how to recover hard drives.
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    THIS support is what it means to believe in Amiga!

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