Reports : : Installation guide for the CatWeasel on a Pegasos motherboar
Posted By: redrumloa. on 2003/5/7 0:53:57
Installation guide for the CatWeasel MKIII on a Pegasos motherboard with MorphOS1.3.
By Jim Farley (aka redrumloa)
Copyright 2003,

*Correction! OpenPCI.library goes into sys:morphos/libs/ !


The CatWeasel is an excellent piece of hardware, unfortunately the installation on anything other than a traditional Classic Amiga can be a daunting task. The scope of this article only includes setting the card up for use of the floppy controller on a Pegasos computer under MorphOS1.3. The additional features of this card as far as I know do not have capable drivers at this time for MorphOS.

1. Catweasel CD files:
The driver CDR that comes the hardware does not read properly on MOS. You will need to manually move these files from another computer to the Pegasos. You may do this by copying the files to another blank CD, FTPing from box to box, emailing them to yourself, or however is most convenient. I do not recommend using the install script so you wont need to copy many files.
*Copy the files PD0 and PH0 from folder DEVS/DOSDRIVERS over to the Pegasos and put in your DEVS/DOSDRIVERS folder.

2. Download:
Download the replacement multidisk.device, unpack and put in your MORPHOS/DEVS folder.
*Download the most recent openpci.library and put in the MORPHOS/LIBS

3. Legacy files:
You will need to use some legacy files. These can be obtained from AmigaOS3.1, OS3.5 or OS3.9. Transfer them to the Pegasos somehow.
*Mount (recommend the OS3.1 version), put in C folder. Remove the MORPHOS/C/mount file!

*FastFileSystem, put in L folder
*CrossDOSFileSystem, put in L folder

4. Amiga Mountlists
Download and copy these mountlists to you DEVS/DOSDRIVERS folder for Amiga floppies.

Once you do all this shut down the computer. You have done the hard part! Now go ahead and physically install the card and the floppy drive. Use the connector on the floppy cable BEFORE the twist. Close everything up and start the computer. You should now be enjoying your new floppy controller.

Many thanks to JoannaK, Wayne and Targhan. Without their help this guide would not have been possible.

Information provided here is explained to the best of our ability. Any corrections or recommendations are appreciated. This text is not an exact science but a rough draft. This document may be freely distributed without prior consent as long as it is done on a nonprofit basis and it is reproduced in it's entirety with the credits intact. Warning! All information contained in this article is provided on an AS-IS basis. The author, and take no responsibility for damage due to improper installation, hardware failure, act of God or any other abnormality.
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    Very informative, thanks for posting it!

    MorphOS portal?
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    Small note: openpci.library should be in morphos/libs and not morphos/c . (This was fixed in the version of the instructions posted above and might be fixed by the time someone reads this. :P)
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