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Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/3/19 16:42:18
Larian Studios and e.p.i.e. interactive announced on March 19, 2003 that they have signed a contract to bring the role-playing sensation Divine Divinity to MorphOS and the Apple Mac.

Divine Divinity has won award after award from the mainstream press, and is a real coupe for the guys over at e.p.i.c. interactive This title should be a great addition to the MorphOS software library.

Divine Divinity

From e.p.i.c. interactive:

Larian Studios and e.p.i.c. interactive announced today that they have signed a contract to bring Larian Studios highly awarded role playing sensation Divine Divinity to the Apple Macintosh and MorphOS.

Warrior, Wizard or Survivor? Which fate is yours? It's your decision, one that will influence the gameplay of Divine Divinity playable as an action based RPG or a classical RPG! According to prophecy, you are the chosen one. Only you have the strength, the courage and the magic to save the legendary lands of Rivellon from submission under the Lord of Chaos. Before you can take on the fight against Evil, you must journey far through a fantastic world torn apart by corruption, sinister plots and dark magic. Caution is vital! Whatever happens, the evil magicians of the black ring must not get hold of you!

With an involving storyline and plenty of sub quests for maximum replayability, Divine Divinity is role-playing gaming at its best! As a warrior, wizard or survivor, you will create your own destiny !

You will find more information on Divine Divinity here. All the accolades it has achieved, can be found on Larian Studios website.

The Apple release will lead the way in QIII/03 followed shortly thereafter by the MorphOS release.

The Macversion will be OSX only and will require a G3-333, 128 MByte RAM and a 8 MByte 3D Gfxcard.
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    Another Epic title I'll buy. Hope it will be available soon. And as Radeon 3D support will be finalised, I hope some 3D titles appear as well. Keep up the good work!
  • »2003/3/19 23:54
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    Looks real good. After playing a lot of games like Ultima, Moria and lately some Baldurs gate it looks real interesting. And games like this do get a lot from HW-3d acceleration too :-)
  • »2003/3/20 4:11