Software : : Pentari: First Light
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/3/14 18:26:49
Malinche Entertainment releases Pentari: First Light for multiple OS's, including MorphOS. "Pentari: First Light" is the first commercial text adventure for the new millinia.

Check it out: HERE

The webpage mentioned, advertises some neat goodies packaged with the game.

From the website: Quote:

Shattered trust,  murdered innocence and dark pacts have plunged the Kingdom of Pentari in chaos.

Rogue wizards have captured the city of Delphin and hold kingdom nobles prisoner. They conspire to overthrow the Kingdom itself but they won't stop there.  You are sent into the turmoil to strive against unknown foes and dangers as you re-take the city and restore order.

Thanks to tomjoad for finding this new release!