Software : : RNOTunes 1.1 released
Posted By: jPV. on 2023/4/12 18:58:01
RNOTunes is a GUI based audio player application with support for a wide variety of audio formats. The new version brings new features, performance improvements, bug-fixes, and new graphics sets. See a detailed version history below.

Version 1.1:
- Added button graphics previews in the settings window
- Button graphics can be swapped without restarting the program
- Optimised removal/deletion of tunes
- Added an option to hide/show filename extensions when a filename is used as a title in the tune list
- Improved filename extension hiding for formats that start with an extension
- Adding new users failed if the db directory didn't exist
- The scrobbling setting was left enabled if its initialising was cancelled
- Added import support for M3U8, EXTM3U, PLS, WPL, and XSPF playlists
- External playlists can be dragged & dropped into the tune list if they have a common filename extension (the program exports them as .m3u itself)
- Added support for system notifications via MagicBeacon (MorphOS), Ringhio (OS4), Ranchero (OS3)
- The delete requester is more verbose
- The position slider works better with the mouse wheel
- Keyboard shortcuts can be localised
- Initial fixes/work-arounds/safety-checks for Vampire and BPPC issues
- Added Flat graphics by Highlander
- Improved documentation
- Added an Italian catalog
- Minor tweaking
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    Alas, it crashes here when starting program. Debug points to thebar.mcc and thebutton.mcc; I have latest versions installed... (MorphOS 3.17, powerbook)
  • »2023/4/12 20:57
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    @ jPV - I don't get any crashing, but some protracker files after a short while of playing when other applications are running start to 'stutter'-play slower than they should, and I then pause RNOTunes for a moment and start 'Play' again and the file then plays at a normal speed for a short while then the file starts to stutter once again, which is a bit annoying.

    I wasn't sure this was happening initially, as I may not have played protracker files while other applications were running, but I am now sure it does happen, but I haven't tracked down if it is a specific program, but it does happen when Wayfarer is also running.
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  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    Oh, did 1.0 work on your setup?

    Can anyone else reproduce the crash?

    K, seems installer didn't quite install; after manually installing the 26.22 files no crash anymore. Thanks jPV!
  • »2023/4/16 18:19
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    Thx !! It is really THE music player for Mos systems, thanks so much Jpv for your work .. !!
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