Press : : The Mac mini G4 is a MorphOS machine according to Google
Posted By: Daff. on 2022/10/14 20:07:49
If you search for "Mac mini G4" on Google France, you can now see that an "optimized snippet" appears. And surprise, this link, which is prominently displayed at the top of the page, references the review of the Mac mini G4 under MorphOS, published on Obligement. This link appears in front of the pages of Wikipedia, eBay or even Apple itself!

The Mac mini G4 is a MorphOS machine according to Google

Google says that "the optimized snippets come from web search results. Google's automated systems determine whether a page is a good optimized snippet to highlight, in response to a specific search query." The excerpt reads:

"The Mac mini G4 was the most powerful MorphOS-compatible machine when it came out. It has a 1.25 to 1.5 GHz G4 7447A processor, 167 MHz main bus and 333 MHz SDRAM-DDR memory (expandable to 1 GB). Its graphics card is the same for all PowerPC versions: a Radeon 9200".

So MorphOS is now on top. :-)
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    This only works for French Google, though. It's said in the article text but the headline implies a generality for Google per se.
    Anyway, congratulations for having your Mac mini G4 article promoted that prominently.

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