Software : : Wayfarer 4.0 released
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2022/8/30 1:05:27
Wayfarer has now been updated to the latest stable WebKitGTK branch.
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    Wayfarer update, Iris update - Jaca, you are a code animal! Kind of scary ;-)

    btw: wayfarers update function doesn't see the update.

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    Yup, forgotten to bump the version file on server. Fixed now, thanks!
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    I have a problem with the mappy site, Whether with the macmini or with the amigaone x5000 it is impossible for me to access this site. This one starts to load but at some point it stops and I get a webgl glitch or error. I try to spoof wayfarer to another browser offered in the list but I always get the same error. I was offered to go to the site to download a more recent version of the safari internet browser for macos x. Alas there also this site tells me the same error.

    Here is the link to a free image hosting site,

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    Wayfarer has no WebGL support.
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    Thx work nice a lite faster
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    I can't login to the Sony Community UK webpage as Wayfarer v4.0 doesn't seem to trigger the reCAPTCHA verification as it is expected by the website. Same for Wayfarer v3.9.

    OWB v1.25 seems to get much closer to completing a login, as it does trigger the reCAPTCHA, and the verification images, but can't seemingly send the correct response back by clicking on the [verify] button - I mention that just as a reference point.

    Wayfarer doesn't usually get that far, as it never even gets a reCAPTCHA response picture frame, though I have had one occasion, after waiting much longer than I thought it would take to get a response, when I did get a reCAPTCHA with Wayfarer v4.0 (User Agent - Wayfarer, no response with Chrome/Safari, etc) which triggered the images frame, and I clicked on the [verify] button but got no response to trigger the option to the next stage to input a login password. :-(

    Also, on sometimes sub-heading text is missing/not displayed when I try to leave feedback, the format for which has changed recently, as the star graphics are different, and the text is laid out slightly differently also. The 5 stars to click on is viewable, but the text that should be at the left hand edge of those stars, such as, Rate the details, Item description, Item condition: , Dispatch time, Postage Costs, are not only not readable, there is no text visible, it is totally missing/not shown. However, sometimes it is viewable if I have done a fresh reboot, but sometimes the text is missing. I will try to establish what will trigger the text to fail to display, but as yet this issue is a mystery. :-?

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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    Wayfarer is awesome, thanx for regular updates. This is a fantastic browser for MorphOS.

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