Software : : Wayfarer 2.6 released
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2021/9/12 15:51:12
Wayfarer 2.6 is now out!

- Implemented Web Notifications and Download notifications via Magic Beacon. See the FAQ for more information
- Added browser tab pinning (via tab context menu). Disables tab close button and hotkeys
- Use Clipboard unit 1 for HTML paste operations like Odyssey does
- Linked against OpenSSL 3.0
- Fixed a WebAudio crash on
- Enabled Intersection Observer (fixes
- Fixed an issue which caused some of the settings to display wrong state when opening settings for a given host directly from the menu
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    I noticed that in v2.6 that if I pressed the RCmd+n/N I get a New Window, which got disabled in v2.5 IIRC.

    I initially got very sluggish speed out of v2.6, but I deleted the Curl again, and it seems to be working a lot better/faster now.

    Oh, and I notice you've got the Enter/Return key now to move to the Download button when you Save As once the data path has been chosen with the Enter/Return key, which is a lot more intuitive, so thanks for that as well.

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    With the very initial run v2.6 felt slow to start and sluggish for me too, but then next runs I didn't notice it clearly anymore even though I didn't do anything for it myself... I thought that maybe it was some random hiccup somewhere. I haven't got time to do any proper tests yet that if there would be difference still...
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