Software : : Wayfarer 2.4 with Download As... and WebAudio playback support
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2021/8/18 19:48:01
Wayfarer 2.4 is now out and introduces WebAudio playback support and often requested Download/Save As.

Full changelog:

  • Implemented Download As...

  • WebAudio support for sample playback (while Google Translate text to speech works just fine, most online MOD players will be too slow)

  • Implemented a Media flags popup

  • Improved SSL certificate verification to avoid cases where a website wouldn't load due to cert not matching the hostname, but cert viewer window would assume the cert is fine and would not present buttons allowing to ignore/save cert

  • Worked around an issue that prevented further popups from showing up if the main window was resized while a popup was up

  • Reload button state wasn't properly refreshed when switching between tabs

  • Fixed a crash and status bar issues when browsing page history for cached pages

  • Certificate viewer may now be localized