Software : : Wayfarer 1.15 released
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2021/4/30 15:57:49
Wayfarer 1.15 is now out!

This version brings multiple media playback improvements, including seeking, stream quality changes, HLS video support fixes. We've also made it possible to play videos on machines not equipped with Altivec.
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    Wayfarer 1.16 is now out. Fixes a crash in video decoder and disables screensaver when playing video.
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    Thx a lot man! Awesome release!
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    I have used the PDF/Printing option in Wayfarer for a bit, and found it to be really good. I especially like the toggle keypress Cmd+p to enable/disable (toggle) it's options, which would be good if the Find option had the same functionality, as it's fiddly clicking on the close button once its completed its usefulness for the reason it was required. 8-)

    However, recently I had the need to limit the page printout to a certain number of pages, basically ignoring the last page, but there is no way to do that with the options being All/Odd/Even, if the page total is more than 2 pages, as there is no option for "Page Range" which ideally you can add fairly easily. :-D

    Though I'm still not getting any videos to play on the website with v1.16, but as I said before I can get videos to play fairly smoothly with v1.12, even with my MacMini 1.5GHz, so surely something has been affected in the code that won't allow such videos to play with these later versions of Wayfarer than v1.12? :-?

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    Awesome. Thanks.

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