Software : : Wayfarer 1.12
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2021/4/17 20:25:23
Wayfarer 1.12 is now out! Get it from

Changes include:
- Overlay based video playback
- Experimental support for Media Source
- Improvements in HLS playback
- Other fixes and improvements
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    Wow! SO awesome!
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  • MDW
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    Have anyone noticed a huge speed increase of Wayfarer? Now the Wayfarer is really usable on G4/1,67GHz. RAM consuming also seems to be smaller. My 1GB RAM is enough for my tasks. SoundCloud is much faster! I can listening a music on SoundCloud during comiling my C/C++ craps in FlowStudio/GCC10. Everything is really responsive.
    It is impressive!
    Jaca, you are a wizard! Thank you!
  • »2021/4/18 14:34
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  • jPV
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    Yeah, the requirements told for Wayfarer seem to be a bit cautiously set. I haven't run out of memory with 1GB once, so it really is better than Odyssey in memory usage. Also videoplayback on embdedded windows doesn't peak the CPU load like it does on Odyssey, this is really great, who would have believed this efficient video playback performance after everything else we've seen!

    Please remember to donate for the project, this is what we need for our future!

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    The beauty and elegance of MorphOS coders. This shows how one talented coder can achieve so much.
  • »2021/4/19 9:48
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