Software : : Final versions of Encore's demos for MorphOS
Posted By: MDW. on 2020/5/9 7:44:57
Encore demo scene group released final versions of demos for MorphOS: Morphoza and Morphilia. Executable versions of these productions are available on MorphOS Storage and Aminet,. Demos rendered to video are available on YouTube.

Morphilia 1.0 on MorphOS Storage and YouTube
Morphoza 1.0 on MorphOS Storage and YouTube

Video-preview of Morphilia was released on Decrunch party in 2019 (Wrocław/Poland) as wild-demo (2nd place).
Alpha version of Morphoza was released on Decrunch party in 2017 (Wrocław/Poland) as wild-demo (4th place).

The most important changes:
- final versions don’t require SDL and uses only standard MorphOS components,
- Reggae plays music,
- user can switch (RCommand+F) between scalable window and fullscreen during watching demos,
- most of scenes have been changed, modified, optimized (graphics 2D/3D, anims and code),
- fixed all known bugs,
- updated Encore Engine to the latest version (hundreds fixes, changes, very important refactores),
- added report after demos,
- added simple launcher.

Engine and base of these productions are core of next productions (demos and games). So each reported bug will help to improve future productions.
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    Nice to see it runs at 50 fps in almost all parts, even with 2K/32-bit resolution (2560x1440) on a good old Pegasos2!
  • »2020/5/10 0:18
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    Totally Morphilicious ... and ... I like them. 8-D
    MacMini 1.5GHz,64MB VRAM, PowerBooks A1138/9 (Model 5,8/9),PowerMac G5 2.3GHz(DP), iMac A1145 2.1GHz 20", all with MorphOS v3.18+,Airport,Bluetooth,A1016 Keyboard,T-RB22 Mouse,DVD-RW-DL,MiniMax,Firewire/USB2 & MacOSX 10.4/5
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    Very cool! I enjoyed that very much.
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    Yes, the demos are really nice!
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  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    Very good MorphOS demos!
  • »2020/5/13 11:21
  • MDW
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    Thank you for very good opinions. I know the productions are not perfect. However I made what I could. :)

    I have good news for retro-demosceners.
    Organisers of Decrunch 2020 party in Wrocław/Poland didn't cancel the party. They have just announced new date of the party - 31 July - 2 August 2020.

    So we have more time for create "Morphobia" - third part of the trilogy. 😃

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  • »2020/5/20 14:44
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  • Just looking around
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    Very cool!

    The WOS Encore demos are also often played on my A3000 to test various PPC cards :-)
  • »2020/7/2 23:56