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Posted By: igracki. on 2020/4/15 7:50:49
With this new SmartClipboard screenbar plugin, you are able to defineactions if you copy something to the clipboard.

Its usefull, if you f.e. read a documentation of a newly downloadedprogram in MultiView etc.
Imagine there are links to a website, a youtube video or the email addressof the author in this documentation.

Previously you had to mark the text with the link, copy it to theclipboard, then open the appropriate program and paste the text there.
Quiet uncormfortable, heh?

Now, you can just mark the text and copy it to the clipboard. Thats all!

My SmartClipboard compares the copied text with the defined patterns andexecutes the corresponding command!


    Here are some examples, which are handled by the standard actions:
  • if you copy a http(s) url (like to the clipboard, the website will be automatically opened in your standard browser
  • a youtube url like
  • if you copy "" the standard email program will be opened to write a mail to ""
  • if you copy an url which links to an image in the internet, an external tool (ViewWebImage) will be opened to display the internet image without the need for a web browser
  • furthermore, if you copy something which looks like a filepath, a new lister with the filepath will be opened in Ambient

These are only the standard patterns, you can define more if you want to inthe "Action Editor".

SmartClipboard ActionEditor

If you have created some usefull patterns/command pairs, don't hesitate tosend them to me, maybe I include them in the standard config!

To use these actions you first have to activate the "Clipboard hook" eitherby selecting the menuitem from the popup menu

SmartClipboard Menu

which opens if you click with the left mouse button on the SmartClipboard icon SmartClipboard Iconin your screenbar, or by clicking the icon with the right mouse button.
This toggles the clipboard hook on/off, its visualize by a small star inthe right upper corner of the icon.

Just copy the contents from the "SYS" folder to your SYS: partition manually, or execute/double-click the "Install" file to do this.
Then via a right-click on the top-right screen depth-gadget, select Modules>Rescan or reboot.
Note: This is only needed if you install by hand!

Here is a screenshot of the settings:
SmartClipboard settings

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    Please redownload the archive, I had an error in the SYS directory, there was a missing subdir, sorry.
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    Please re-download the SmartClipboard_sbar.lha archive, ...].

    @ Igracki - please check your PMs - I have sent you some information, that might be of interest to you regarding this sbar. 8-)
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