Software : : mGBA GameBoy Advance and original plus Color emulator released
Posted By: realstar. on 2020/4/5 14:18:21
mGBA is an emulator that reproduces the Nintendo GameBoy hardware line. It supports GameBoy Advance, original GameBoy and GameBoy Color. Has an MUI gui and support for various gfx/snd options. For best compatibility it is recommended to have original GameBoy bios files available.

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v1.0 March 17, 2020
- Initial Release
- Port of mGBA latest stable build v0.8.1
- Custom MorphOS frontend and MUI interface added

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    Now v1.1 is released with a few more improvements.

    v1.1 April 5, 2020
    - Enabled GB and GBA screenshot previews and savestates
    - Fixed sram to use entire file name for .gb roms

    Download Here:
    mGBA page
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