Software : : FCEU v1.8 released
Posted By: realstar. on 2020/4/5 14:18:05
FCEU v1.8 is now available for download.This one has some options for configuring sound output. There is also a new Famicom Disk System menu option to insert/eject disks by GUI panel. Also a rom list filter is added for changing between NES and FDS images plus some other minor fixes and updates.


Download from: Realstar Software

v1.8 March 10 2020
- Added some options to sync the audio better with the display
- vsync uses WaitBOVP instead of WaitTOF now
- New Sound Config window to set some options related to sound output
- Updated 6502 cpu core and sound rendering to latest fceux versions
- Enabled High Quality sound rendering mode
- Added a quick menu for changing FDS Disk sides in windowed mode
- Added a rom list cycle filter for .NES and .FDS images