Software : : Iris beta 62
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2019/7/25 7:39:55
Iris beta 62 can be downloaded from (new link!)

New Features include:
- Implemented forwarding messages as attachments
- Nice folder icons, icons for failed/draft messages in the Outgoing folder
- Folder settings (accessible from menu)
- It is now possible to create and delete IMAP folders
- Closed state of a folder tree is now serialized
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    Thanks for all your efforts jacadcaps, this project of yours is moving along at a steady pace of improvement with each release, great stuff !
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    weird, i had a previous Iris version working fine, this one seems to have an issue. I downloaded it several times and everytime i extract the archive it won't extract the iris executable file, others are ok. When i drag it directly from the archive to my iris folder to update my previous version it works but i can't launch it (no datatype).
    Am i doing something wrong here ?

    edit : sorted it out, just a bad download and luck.

    Iris is very nice, but it takes like 30secs at startup to display my gmail inbox. A bit slow !

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