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Posted By: Daff. on 2016/5/1 8:57:41
The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( ) during the last two months:

MorphOS related:
  • March/April 2016 news.
  • DIY: Mute the ventilation on an AT power supply and a BlizzardPPC.
  • Tutorial: How to make MorphOS like AmigaOS 4.

General Amiga related:
  • Old articles from Tilt 60 to 66: File: games and flops, Report: CeBIT 1989, Review of Space Harrier, Interview with Steve Bak, File: joysticks from 1987-1989, Review of Design 3D, Report: Winter CES 1989, Review of Double Dragon, Interview with Brian Fargo, Review of Operation Wolf, Review of Zynaps, etc.
  • Interview with BenoĆ®t Charcosset (musican known as "Maf" on the demoscene).
  • Review of Tanks Furry.
  • Review of Amiga Forever 2016.
  • Review of Ludexo.
  • Hardware: A2386SX.
  • Tutorial: How to get Delitracker working on X1000 under AmigaOS 4.
  • Tutorial: Use of the Nordic Power.
  • Programmation: AMOS - the memory.
  • Special quizz about Infogrames.

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    My initial thought would be . . . Why would anyone want to make MorphOS look like OS4?

    After all, I am using MorphOS because I like it with its own personality, and I personally don't want to use a way to adopt the OS4 look, unless I am using my OS4 systems, which I haven't done for some considerable time, as I like MorphOS so much.

    I just hope MOS v3.10 has lots of new stuff to enhance it, such as the printing system being fully implemented, a new version of OWB with the current issues resolved, USB isynchronous capabilities, and improved wireless capabilities as the current lack of signal strength needs improvement, specifically compared to the Macintosh's OSX basic Wi-Fi, and enhanced by its 'interference robustness' option which improves reception significantly as well. Of course I'd like to see more options in MOS v3.10, as I have little interest in OS4, so please encourage MorphOS users to keep our OS slightly different than OS4, though I wish the OS4 stalwarts success also, as it's got to be better for us all that way, IMHO.
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