Software : : Updated (beta) version of Cinnamon Writer available for MorphOS
Posted By: cyfm. on 2016/4/26 9:28:38
C.Desler released a new beta version 0.95 of Cinnamon Writer for MorphOS.

New betas can be found at:

Bug fixes include:
  • Window trashing should be fixed
  • Localization should now support other charsets than the generic.
  • Import of images now works.

Please let the author know if you encounter any bugs ...
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    I have tried out the MorphOS Beta, but it initially now loads with the WebDings Font, and this is not alterable in the minimal settings there are for the program, AFAIK.

    So the rulers are shown as WebDings font, so they make no sense as there are no numbers, just shapes that webdings font displays as the alternative to alphanumeric characters.

    The same applies to the information bar at the bottom of the CW window, so it makes no sense whatsoever.

    I later downloaded the Bitstream Vera Sans fonts from the Cinnamon Writer page, as I see it is the default font used by Cinnamon Writer, and now the page rulers and information bar at the bottom of the page GUI are displayed correctly. Thought they are only shown in a very small font, which is not possible to be modified as a user preference in its current version.

    An image whether it be JPEG or PNG when loaded displays with a predominantly red hue, and other colours seem to be 'washed-out' so blues and greens and yellows are missing from an image, and just the red saturated tint of the image is viewable.

    (The author is aware of this problem, and stated he intends to fix the image issue, but there is no fix for the incorrect image rendering (mainly red) as yet.)

    I typed a few words on the page, after I had managed to set the font to Times Roman, but when I then imported an image the text suddenly moved below the image, but on clicking anywhere on the page it moved back to where I had typed it initially.

    Printer/PDF support is not really active at this stage, even though the author is trying to get TurboPrint to work with his program, but Ghostscript does allow the saving of PDFs, once installed in Sys:Utilities/GS as only a requester pops-up asking for GS to be installed as in the 'path' stated (not modifiable) otherwise nothing useful happens.

    I thought I would test the image STACKing option (gadget in the right corner of the image GUI), and this basically works, but there is no aspect/ratio perspective preserved when re-sizing the image.

    The Undo option seems to work OK for text, but the number of UNDO/REDO Levels it may handle is not specified in any docs for the program, but hopefully this will be adjustable in the program prefs as the program improves?

    I would hope that text highlighting and cursor page movement will be implemented as I only found that the 'home and 'end' keys move the cursor one word forward or back, wheras on most word processors that would move the cursor to the beginning/end of the line of text. Also, there do not seem to be any other combination keyboard shortcuts, AFAIK, which would be really handy for a wordprocessor.

    It would be nice to have the option to incorporate the ToolBar into the top of the CW Window, as having the toolbar 'floating' over the page can be very distracting, and off-putting.

    Also, the Toolbar has all the MUI/Program options, apart from shrink window/unshrink window, and the back/front gadget, wheras most programs have the MUI options in the main window, and as the Toolbar does not have the Close/Quit program gadget option that seems to be inconsistent with many other programs.
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