Games : : MorphOS port stretch goal added to Tower 57 kickstarter campaign
Posted By: Jupp3. on 2015/8/23 9:08:40
Chaos Engine inspired game Tower 57 that's currently on kickstarter has recently announced stretch goals for AmigaOS4 & MorphOS ports at 1000 euros over the original goal.

Project is still behind its 45000 euros goal with 29338 euros pledged (at the time of writing) with 10 days to go.

For those who don't know kickstarter, it's a crowd funding site, where people can pledge to pay for various projects with different rewards. Unless the defined minimum is reached, no money will be collected (and the project might not get done).
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    I'm doing what I can to support this but we need more pledgers, and more pledgers who up their pledge amount. Hope you guys can help :-)
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    I pledged €35 to get a physical copy of the game. I really hope more folks will reach into their pockets. It's a rare chance to get a brand new game to support MorphOS and the rest.
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    I just pledged €35 aka $38 also. Hopefully it gets to the MorphOS version.. if not, Linux will work :-)

    upped my pledge to the = Indie Gamer = ... looking forward to it. Getting a MorphOS version and a Linux version :-)

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    Because especially one nice guy didn't stop asking about the status of the MorphOS version of Tower57 during last weekend's Alternative Computer Meeting in Wolfsburg (which was great fun btw.), here it is:

    its status is exactly like the AmigaOS4 version, as is the current performance :-)

    The test machine here is probably one of the slowest MorphOS machines around: an old PowerMac G4 667 MHz, Radeon 9000, 384 MB.

    As such its (current!) performance is pretty much identical to the sam440ep. And it also suffers from the same limits and needs to run the HiColor build to not run out of RAM :-)

    Anyway, I'm still waiting for the Pixwerk-guys telling me "we are done" so that I can really optimize it to the degree required.

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