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Posted By: Develin. on 2013/10/26 10:41:35
After 8 years of "abduction", a new version of SnapIT (1.0) has been released.

Some of the changes since last release:

· New preview mode, keeping the image aspect of the grabbed content.
· Free Grab option.
· AREXX support.
· Locale support
· Recognize unnamed windows by the task or process-name.
· Added an icon to the program made by Itzik Gur (My Seven Icons).
· Program is a lot smaller than before since usage of system components rather than linking it to the binary.

Next release will focus on MorphOS-specific features like Reggae and 3D-Layers, but until this is ready you can download the current release here :
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    Thanks! :)
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    Thank you!
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    This version is a lot better than SGrab and it previews the window/screen to grab, and now you can grab just about any part/screen/window you want from any screen, well almost !! With ARexx support as well !! 8-D

    It's the best screen grabber utility I've seen for any Amiga-like platform, and it's here first on MorphOS
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    Works great, thank you very much!

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    Thanks for your kind words =)
    I've noticed there was a bug which was triggered when the screenblanker went active.

    A bugfixed release is uploading now (1.1) which also has a grammar corrected guide-file included, thanks Neil! =)
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