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Posted By: pampers. on 2013/6/29 16:27:23 is pleased to announce another bounty for open source game. This time on agenda is OpenXCOM: Bounty taker is Paweł Stefkos Stefański. The bounty minimal sum is set to 80 Euro, estimated timeframe is 45 days since minimal bounty sum will be collected. All the funds collected over the minimal sum might be used for further games or software ports done by Paweł Stefański. Fell free to donate that bounty on dedicated bounty page.
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    there is not the most interesting things to do :-( :-x :-x :-x
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    I don't understand the wording of Patbest's reply above, but X-Com has always been one of my favorite old games that I played on my Amigas years ago, and have also booted up to play it again more recently. It is a Classic game that will never get old, and I will don't think I will ever tire of playing it occasionally.

    I will definitely donate to this porting project as soon as possible, and I look forward to seeing a native port of X-Com running on my MorphOS3.2 systems. If it is possible to also create new customized X-Com modules to play, with this Open X-Com project, that will be even better. :-D
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    there is not the most interesting things to do :-( :-x :-x :-x

    What is your problem, tell us about it.
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    And the game looks just silly.

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