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Posted By: AndreasM. on 2012/6/23 9:22:15
Amiga Future 97
The full colour preview and excerpts of the Amiga Future issue 97 (July/August 2012) are now available online. Highlights in this issue are: MorphOS 3.0 & Emulators

Of course there's so MUCH more actually in the magazine. Needless to say you'll find some FULL versions of software, often what was commercially available, as well as the PD software on the cover CD. A detailed description of content and excerpts can be found at:

The Amiga Future magazine is available as an English and German printed magazine - every issue now available in FULL COLOUR - directly available from the magazine editorial office and also from various other Amiga dealers.
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    From the posted German title page:

    "MorphOS 3.0 jetzt auch am Mac"

    Why "jetzt auch"? MorphOS has been on the Mac since version 2.4. The title of the English edition ("MorphOS 3.0 available for Mac") is much better reflecting reality, even if it ignores the availability for Pegasos 1/2 and Efika 5200B.

    From the excerpt:

    "Odyssey with its numerous features such as HTML5 video/audio support, the bookmark and download manager, many configuration options, etc. can no longer be compared to the OWB version of the last MorphOS release."

    The MorphOS release before 3.0 was 2.7, which came with OWB 1.11, which in turn already offered those named features.

    Furthermore, there are some factual errors in the German version of the article that are not in the English one.

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    This tasteless cover is a good indication of the lack of musical invention within. The musical growth of this band cannot even be charted. They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry."

    That's just nitpicking, isn't it?

    But does the review in the magaazine reaffirm my life style decisions? That's what's important.
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    Fantastic magazine, full colour and a lot of fun to read. I recommend it to all amiga and amigoid users. They try to cater to all amiga like platforms. Nice to see Morphos 3 featured.
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