Games : : 1941 DX Dual Players : version 2.0.5 available !
Posted By: _bigdan_. on 2012/5/21 19:12:04
1941DX2.pngA new Update of 1941 DX DUAL PLAYERS version 2.0.5 !

The game is currently available in 5 versions : MorphOS, AmigaOS4, AROS, Windows and Linux.

Before you start playing, please be aware of the limitations of the demo version :
• the unregistered version can be played by one or two players but only for a
limited period of time, in fact enough time to finish the first mission and start the
second, if you are good enough !
• no access to update
• no entry possible in the online HiScores table

The registration for complete version is only 1.70 EUR via paypal.

The registered version will allow :
• the upgrade of the whole game through the network (you don’t have to do
anything, just let you guide by the game).
• to play without time limit, with additional ennemies specific to this version
Deluxe Dual,
• since the version 2.0.2 you can post your score on the dedicated webpage and compare it to the other players.

New in version 2.0.5 :
* Add new GUI testHunoJoyWrapper in prefs "joysticks settings" and update the library with new drivers
* Fix prefs HQ MUSICS : check now if files exist before activation, prevent unregistered to active HQ musics, add play/stop after selection of LOW or HQ musics
* Fix reset points collected for Armageddon after each credit used for both players
* Activate full screen right from the start for versions AOS4 MORPHOS et 68k
* BossAlert remove 1 zoom out of 4 to save some time
* Replace "Inverter" by "Reverse" in joysticks/pads settings
* Add 3 digits in snapshots name for easier sorting
* Synchronisation of sound for LibHunoJoyWrapper logo
* Fix desactivation of mouse pointer earlier so that it dos not appear on loading screen
* Fix freeze in joysticks settings when no joysticks/pads are used
* Activate detection of joysticks motions during the story playing, the HiScores and the "How to play" so that these could exit upon a button pressed and go back to main menu
* Fix problem SoftwareSurface, changed in HardwareSurface

Website :

Youtube video :
[version 2.0.0 AOS4 with a SAM460 config]

Download of version 2.0.5 (demo version) :

1941-DELUXE-DUAL-MOS-U5.lha [MorphOS version, 107 Mb].
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    Thanks Huno for this new update of this game!
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