Software : : AmIRC 3.6 released
Posted By: Henes. on 2011/9/6 5:06:45
AmIRC 3.6 has been released along with the new web site where it can be downloaded.

AmIRC 3.6 brings support for UPnP port forwarding. It also supports turbo and passive DCC modes, making it work much better behind a NAT/firewall. A long standing bug with resuming DCC SEND has been fixed as well.

Read more for changes.

The full change log for AmIRC 3.6 is as follows:

- DCC: added turbo DCC send support.
- GUI: added a Default to Conference Mode option (in Setup->GUI->Channels).
- DCC: fixed DCC RESUME when AmIRC is sending.
- GUI: updated default server list.
- DCC: added option to convert spaces in file names to underscore, or to quote the filename (as supported by most modern clients).
- DCC: fixed resuming when the file name is quoted.
- DCC: added support for passive send/chat/schat (dcc xxx -passive nick ...).
- DCC: added DCC TSEND (turbo), DCC PSEND (passive) and DCC PCHAT (passive) aliases.
- General: fixed a potential race condition starting the built-in IdentD.
- Net: added transparent UPnP port forwarding (enabled by default). It is used for both DCC and the built-in IdentD.
- General: Restored the ability to load a key file. If valid key file is present the owner is displayed in the About window. Also the serial number is displayed in the CTCP VERSION reply.
- General: fixed numerous buffer overflows. Also fixed numerous crashes when low on resources.
- Net: updated netsplit detection code, it should work much better now.
- GUI: fixed marked text defaulting to black on black.
- GUI: changed default marked text background to MUI fill pen. Also changed default background to MUI halfshine pen.
- Input: filtered Insert/PageUp/PageDown/ScrollLock/PrintScreen/NumLock/Pause out.
- DCC: fixed negative completion time estimate in certain conditions.
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    Nice to see this still being developed. Its been my favorite IRC client for as far back as I can remember.

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    Nice thx for this new version ;)
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    Great to see new features.
    Any plans for SSL support?
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    Henes (and other coders), you ROCKS ! Thanks for that masterpiece...
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    Lovely job! :) Great to see this being updated once more :)

    and yeah - well done to Vapor for letting this great software continue! All hail! :)

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